Through our work with partners, we facilitate innovation in Primary Care and enable more solutions to reach the patients who need them.

Consultancy from the best in Primary Care

Thanks to the expertise and leadership across our Federation, HCL is uniquely positioned to share insights and recommendations on accessing and navigating Primary Care.

Work with us to understand how best to market your solutions or sell your proposition within complex systems.

Our expertise extends to delivering business intelligence and data analysis. We work with integrated care boards (ICBs) to share insights on health inequality and population health.

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Dr Rishi Chopra

“I am proud to say that HCL’s ever-improving agility places us incredibly well in an ever-changing landscape and, with the support of our member Practices, we will go from strength to strength.”

Dr Rishi Chopra

HCL Chair, Clinical Director for Regents Health PCN and GP Partner at Paddington Green Health Centre