West End and Marylebone
Primary Care Network

West End and Marylebone PCN supports more than 40,000 patients. It has a high population of older working age patients and a strong Asian community around its Practices in Soho.

One of its Practices (Great Chapel Street Medical Centre) provides a walk-in centre for homeless patients. 

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    General Practices

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    Registered patients

HCL board members

  • Dr Afsana Safa

    Dr Afsana Safa

    Clinical Director, West End & Marylebone PCN and GP Partner, Covent Garden Medical Centre

  • Miles Davies

    Miles Davis

    Chair, West End & Marylebone PCN and Practice Manager, Great Chapel Street Medical Centre

What we do as a PCN

West End and Marylebone PCN provides a range of innovative services and is running various pilot projects.

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    Out of hospital services

    Working together, we provide out of hospital services to help our patients live well at home within their own community. These include ECG, ABPM (blood pressure), Spirometry, Diabetes and Warfarin monitoring.

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    Extended hours

    We support all patients across West End and Marylebone PCN by providing extended hours, in addition to our usual hours, at specific locations.

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    Routine appointments and check-ups

    Working alongside experts, we are developing systems that better identify the multiple health needs of patients so we can establish appropriately timed appointments that enable us to manage and monitor health conditions at one extended appointment.

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    We are exploring how our current Clinical Pharmacists operate across the PCN and looking to create a clear standardised process ensuring high consistent levels of Clinical Pharmacy at all Practices.

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    Patient participation

    Staff from each Practice meet monthly as a PCN to share, discuss and plan how best to support the local community together. To ensure patients are kept at the heart of the PCN, we are exploring new ways of engaging with local residents and using their feedback to develop our services and improve the patient experience.

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Siobhan Browne

As an HCL Board Member, my goal for HCL is to continue to build an organisation that has the best interests of our patient population at its heart and supports the sustainability of all of our member Practices.

Siobhan Browne

Chair, Regent Health PCN and Practice Manager, Paddington Green Health Centre