Regent Health Primary 

Care Network (PCN)

Regent Health PCN serves the Regent’s Canal and Paddington areas of London. There are around 75,000 patients in this PCN. It has a diverse population, including large African, Arabic and Asian communities, and has some of the most deprived patients within Healthcare Central London.

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    General Practices

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    Registered patients

HCL board members

  • Dr Rishi Chopra

    Dr Rishi Chopra

    HCL Chair, Regent Health PCN Clinical Director & GP Partner Paddington Green Health Centre

  • Siobhan Browne

    Siobhan Browne

    Chair, Regent Health PCN and Practice Manager, Paddington Green Health Centre

What we do as a PCN

Regent Health PCN provides a range of innovative services and is running various pilot projects.

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    Clinical Pharmacy

    We have clinical pharmacists across the PCN to assist with patient medication needs.

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    Connecting Care 4 Children (CC4C) Clinics

    We have monthly joint clinics with Dr Watson, Consultant Paediatrician at St Mary’s Hospital, to discuss difficult paediatric cases. She also runs community clinics from our surgeries.

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    Our new community diabetes service for patients who need to start insulin therapy and patients with relatively complex diabetes needs is run by Dr Kamalarajah, GP at Lisson Grove Health Centre.

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    Patients can be referred to our Dietitian for weight control, to optimise nutrition, for malnourishment and other reasons.

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    Extended Hours

    We offer extended hours across the PCN to provide improved access for our patients. 

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    Minor Surgery

    We offer minor surgery for patients with lumps and bumps.

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    Wellbeing Coaches

    Our wellbeing coaches provide emotional, social and structural support to patients. The service is available across the PCN.

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    Mental Health Practitioners

    Mental Health Practitioners across multiple Practices are available for patients with low to mid level psychiatric needs, such as mild to moderate depression, who may not have otherwise been seen by Secondary Care.

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    A Physiotherapist based at Lisson Grove Health Centre offers face-to-face appointments for patients across our PCN who have urgent musculoskeletal needs.

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    Social Prescriber

    Social Prescribers across our PCN assist patients with lifestyle and social issues, such as gym memberships and housing issues.

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    Stop Smoking Services

    We offer face-to-face stop smoking services at several of our Practices to help our patients live healthier lives. 

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Siobhan Browne

As an HCL Board Member, my goal for HCL is to continue to build an organisation that has the best interests of our patient population at its heart and supports the sustainability of all of our member Practices.

Siobhan Browne

Chair, Regent Health PCN and Practice Manager, Paddington Green Health Centre