Community Dermatology Service

Healthcare Central London’s Community Dermatology Service offers non-emergency care close to home for patients with a range of chronic skin conditions, including eczema, extensive acne and psoriasis. The service is available to any patient aged 16+ who is registered with one of HCL’s member Practices.

HCL’s member Practices

How do I make an appointment?

Please make an appointment with your GP so they can assess your condition. If they decide to refer you to our Community Dermatology Service, an HCL Care Coordinator will review your referral and pass it on to a GP who specialises in dermatology who will determine the best care pathway for you.

What happens after my appointment?

There are various care pathway options for the clinician to consider based on your condition, including:

  • Ask your GP for further information
  • Provide advice to your GP on how to help you manage your condition
  • Arrange a follow up appointment within the Community Dermatology Service
  • Refer you for a non-emergency hospital appointment
  • Advise your GP to refer you to a urgent skin cancer service
  • Take no further action

How much time will this take?

If you are referred to our Community Dermatology Service:

  • Your referral will be assessed within 14 days of being received by the Community Dermatology Service
  • If appropriate, you will be seen and treated within the Community Dermatology Service within six weeks of receipt of your referral
  • Your GP will receive any reports or letters about your assessment/treatment within four working days of your appointment

What are the benefits of this service?

Our Community Dermatology Service aims to improve the quality of care and health outcomes for patients with skin conditions by:

  • Offering services near to patients’ homes
  • Providing patients with timely access to diagnosis and treatment
  • Managing dermatological conditions within the Primary Care setting where possible
  • Reducing waiting times and improving the patient experience

How HCL’s Community Dermatology Service works

  • You make an appointment with your GP.

  • Your GP assesses your condition and, if appropriate, refers you to the Community Dermatology Service.

  • An HCL Care Coordinator reviews your referral and passes it on to a GP who specialises in dermatology.

  • The clinician recommends the right care pathway for you (e.g. GP, specialist service, no further action).

  • If appropriate, you attend your Community Dermatology Service appointment.

  • Once you’ve been seen and discharged, your GP is made aware of the outcome and next steps.