Federation-provided services

Our services focus on providing our patients with the best possible care, when they need it.

Projects include

  • 01

    Access Hub

    Our online appointments and triage system helps our member Practices to manage patient requests more effectively.

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  • 02

    Community Diabetes Service

    The service helps type 1 and 2 diabetes patients aged 18+ who are registered with HCL’s member Practices to self-manage their condition and reduce the risk of complications.

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  • 03

    Healthy Weight Management

    This programme aims to increase participation in the weight management pathway and services.

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Some of the sickest and frailest people in the country entrust their care to us and we get to help them make enormous improvements in their lives. I feel immensely privileged to work at The Doctor Hickey Surgery and, as an HCL board member, to be charged with ensuring the wellbeing of all our staff.”

Dr Paul O’Reilly

GP, Dr Hickey Surgery