Weight Management
Referral Programme

What is this programme?

To help stem the decline in weight management referrals, HCL runs a service that promotes efficiencies for our member Practices and unifies the process for defining patient eligibility.

This centralised approach aims to increase participation in the weight management pathway and services. The programme includes a new referral template and a unified patient code system. It is run by specially trained Care Coordinators on behalf of our member Practices.

Image of legs and trainers showing someone walking

Was the programme successful?

We saw a positive impact within four months and, over the course of the programme, the number of weight management referrals increased by XX times. The programme achieved XX% of the target for central London and the average referral decline rate dropped from XX% to XX%.

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What were the key learnings?

Training Care Coordinators within our member Practices was an effective way to use existing resource. The referral template approach was easy to adopt and could be replicated across other services.

“The process seems to be faster for CCs as the referral form pre- records the data (BMI and generic tickboxes)…which has been really helpful for the team”

Maisha Siddique

Care Coordinator