Making it easier for patients to access Primary Care is a big focus for Healthcare Central London (HCL). PATCHS, our online appointments and triage system, helps our member Practices to manage patient requests more effectively.

You can access PATCHS on your GP’s website.

How does PATCHS work?

Our highly skilled eHub team processes patient requests via PATCHS. Each request is reviewed by a GP and where possible our GP or another clinician will deal with the request. Or we may make a Pharmacy or Physiotherapy appointment for the patient or refer them to another service, such as Sexual Health or Mental Health. Otherwise our team will arrange for the practice to deal with the request.

What are the main benefits of PATCHS?

Practice staff and patients helped to develop our centralised PATCHS eHub model and it is considered pioneering. The benefits include equity of access (every patient request is processed within two hours), reduced Practice workload (the eHub team triages patient requests) and improved patient experience.

How successful is PATCHS?

12% of the Westminster population is registered for PATCHS and it has received a patient satisfaction score of 4.1 / 5. Around 8,000 requests are submitted via PATCHS each month across HCL’s 33 member Practices and our eHub team is consistently processing them within the agreed two-hour timeframe.

Can I get a same day appointment?

Patients registered with one of HCL’s 32 member General Practices, with acute medical needs, can now be referred to five Additional Access hubs. It means that the patient will have a face-to-face appointment on the same or next day (depending on booking time).

The provision is now live at Paddington Green Health CentreLisson Grove Health Centre, St Johns Wood Medical Practice, Marylebone Health Centre and the South Westminster Centre. Patients will be seen by a GP or Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

Appointments will be triaged by Practices based on need. Patients are encouraged to contact their Practice either via the online triage system, PATCHS, via the phone or in-person.

Routine health checks or appointments for ongoing management of chronic conditions are not covered within this service. Those who require urgent medical attention or have a life-threatening condition should contact 999.

“Access to PATCHS is quick and easy and I have been very satisfied with 
the responses.”