Healthcare Central London’s dietitians work within our member Practices to proactively address patients’ health needs and increase access to Primary Care. 

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What do dietitians do?

Dietitians are the only qualified and regulated health professionals who assess, diagnose, and treat problems related to food, nutrition, and eating.  

They use evidence-based approaches to address your needs. 


Who can dietitians help?

These are some example conditions that they can support: 

  • People diagnosed with a medical condition affected by nutrition, such as pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome; 
  • People wanting to lose weight safely and sensibly;  
  • Those needing to put on weight following a spell of ill health or due to a medical condition. 

How can I book an appointment?

There are three ways to contact the team: 

  1. Request an appointment via your GP practice either by phone or PATCHS. Find your nearest HCL member Practice here.
  2. Leave a message on 020 3884 9600  
  3. Email the team at  

What can you expect in your appointment?

  1. Choose your appointment type: Patients can have virtual or face-to-face appointments at various locations. 
  2. Review and assess: At the first appointment, the dietitian will discuss goals and conduct an assessment by reviewing current medications, symptoms, weight changes, diet habits, blood test results etc. 
  3. Physical evaluation:  You may be weighed, have your height or waist circumference measured, or have a hand grip strength test. This will help the dietitian decide on the next steps and monitor your progress.  
  4. Define your plan: The dietitian will listen to and discuss your concerns against the latest evidence-based dietary advice. They will use this to develop an agreed plan of action to reach your goals. 
  5. Looking beyond diet: Other factors impacting your condition that are not all dietary related may be discussed by your dietitian. If necessary, they will signpost you to other services. 
  6. Follow-up: After your appointment, the dietitian may refer you to another service, send further information/the agreed action plan, or have a follow-up appointment. Your GP will see the outcome of the appointments. 

What are the main benefits of having dietitians in our member Practices?

Eighty percent of our member Practices say that dietitians have been a positive addition to their patient offer. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Helping to provide seamless, high-quality care for patients and ensuring better patient outcomes 
  • Reducing patient waiting times and Practice workloads, thereby creating additional Primary Care capacity 
  • Empowering patients with health information and advice 

What Practices say about the service 

“An excellent service with which we are delighted” 

“Patients find it reassuring to see a dietician in practice.” 

“For our patient population, it is very helpful to have a dietician in our practice. Our patients are more likely to attend appointments at our practice rather than travel” 

Where can I get information about any job opportunities on the dietitian team?

We publish the latest HCL job opportunities on our Careers page and LinkedIn profile. 

“Some positive feedback for you – this patient has lost almost 10kg after seeing you!! She wanted me to let you know. Thanks so much for supporting her!”

GP from a HCL member Practice