Paramedic Pilot Programme

What was this programme?

HCL trained a Paramedic to deliver care for housebound patients with complex needs, including Learning Disabilities and conditions such as COPD and diabetes. This included routine tasks such as vaccinations for shingles and flu. The aim was to support GPs and prevent crisis through early proactive intervention and forward planning.

Was the programme successful?

50-75% of the acute visits in Practice during the pilot programme could be managed by the Paramedic. The programme helped to improve the patient experience, reduce GPs workload and connect various services and partners across the system.

What were the key learnings?

By spending time with patients, the Paramedic was able to create long-term care plans and coordinate other services as needed. GPs were only involved in more complex cases, helping to reduce the time required of them.

How has the pilot been integrated into the Federation?

The Federation is now working with several paramedics across our four Primary Care Networks to support our member Practices.

“Having the addition of a Paramedic to our workforce has been really beneficial for both GPs and patients.”

Aisha Laskor

GP, St John’s Wood Medical Practice